Lightning Round: Connection to oil?

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Consolidated Edison: "It is actually tied to the growth of the area, believe it or not. The fact is that the New York area is doing quite well, and the fact that there are still a lot of places that are switching to oil from natural gas. They do not have any actual dirty power plants out there making the stuff. It is a good stock, though at these prices I cannot like it as much as I did in the $50s. So I am not going to recommend the stock right now."

Xilinx: "Xilinx did deliver on the quarter, when I have been tough on someone ... and then they deliver on the quarter, I have to respect that. The semiconductors are moving, and it's not doing as well as the other semis, but I do think that it's on the right path."

Linn Energy: "This is a company that's viewed as not having the cash flows just to be able to cover their bountiful distributions so I am going to recommend that we stay away down here."

Taser International: "I agreed with the downgrade on this today saying enough is enough. You've had a lot of good news on this stock, I think that's as much as you're going to get. I would really like to see some profit taking."

JetBlue Airways Corp: "I have my order of what I like. I like Spirit and I like American. I think these are better and are absolutely terrific. I like Southwest too, and I just think they're better operators."

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KBR: "KBR is uniquely linked to being part of a complex that involves building large projects in the oil and gas business. People are giving up on the oil and gas business...we've got to stay away."

Apache Corporation: "Long-term, because right now Apache is in a free fall... be very careful, we are not done."

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