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Owner of 'Grumpy Cat' made millions in 2 years

Her brother posted an image of her afflicted cat on Reddit, and within days she was able to quit her waitressing job.

Several outlets are reporting on the gold mine Morristown, Arizona, resident Tabatha Bundesen has built off her famously frowning feline, now universally known as "Grumpy Cat."

Grumpy Cat.
Peter Kramer | NBC

Bundensen told the UK Daily Express that her cat—whose real name is "Tardar Sauce"—is "unstoppable," now that appearances in advertisements and books have led to a $100 million payoff in just two years.

RealGrumpyCat has 256,000 followers on Twitter. Next up is a line of iced coffee called "Grumpaccino."

Update: Or maybe not? After the news broke, Bundensen told The Huffington Post that the $100 million figure (based on the Daily Express figure of £64 million) is "completely inaccurate." She declined to state the actual figure, but told HuffPo that she's deciding how to set the record straight.