TripAdvisor Honors Its Top Contributors of 2014

#1 U.S. Reviewer Has Written More Than 1,000 Reviews in 2014

World's Largest Travel Site Now Features More Than 200 Million Reviews and Opinions

NEWTON, Mass., Dec. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel site*, today announced its top contributors of 2014, based on the reviews and opinions submitted on TripAdvisor from its community of millions of travelers worldwide. Top contributing members and countries have been highlighted, as well as the most-reviewed cities, accommodations, restaurants and attractions on TripAdvisor in 2014.

TripAdvisor now features more than 200 million reviews and opinions from its global travel community, covering more than 4.4 million businesses and properties in 145,000 destinations.

"Our global travel community adds 115 contributions to the site every minute, helping to make TripAdvisor the world's best place to plan a trip," said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor. "We thank our most active members, as well as each of our contributors. Their candid feedback is the lifeblood of TripAdvisor and helps others find the information and advice they need before they travel or visit a business."

Most Prolific U.S. TripAdvisor Contributors in 2014

Category Member Amount
Most content
(reviews, forum posts, and photos)
scottca075 6,138
Most reviews mini 1,090
Most international reviews
(reviews for travel outside of the U.S.)
misopiso88 282
Most accommodation reviews markbyrn24 93
Most restaurant reviews texaswillie 440
Most attraction reviews mini 796
Most forum posts scottca075 6,109
Most photos cherylh903 5,184

Meet Some of the Top Contributors

Most Reviews: mini, Susan K., 1,090 reviews in 2014

A lifelong travel enthusiast, Susan began using the TripAdvisor Forums in 2005 to find interesting things to do on her trips as well as share her own advice, which led her to becoming a Destination Expert for San Francisco. "Over the years, the TripAdvisor community has helped me find many fantastic places to visit, and I like to pay that forward by contributing my own experiences," said Susan. "I've recently made it a hobby to visit the attractions that have fewer reviews in hopes of helping other travelers discover hidden gems."

Most International Reviews: misopiso88, Lisa S., 282 reviews outside of the U.S. in 2014

After years spent as an Internet executive, Lisa took a break from her career to follow her passion for travel. She, her husband and their five children spent 2014 traversing the globe, visiting 12 countries in 12 months. "TripAdvisor helped me keep track of all of the places my family and I visited during our yearlong trek around the world," said Lisa. "From Italy to Indonesia, my contributions on TripAdvisor will help preserve the memories of an unforgettable family trip."

Most Restaurant Reviews: texaswillie, Bill A. Belt, 440 restaurant reviews in 2014

Bill began traveling while in the Marine Corps and continued during his career as a government official, but it wasn't until retiring in 1994 that he and his wife actively set out to explore the world. Since then, he estimates they've visited 40-50 countries together, although many of his reviews are written for establishments in his home state of Texas. "I review every place I visit, from fast food restaurants in Dallas to ancient Greek ruins in Ephesus," said Bill. "Whether traveling near or far, TripAdvisor helps travelers become more involved in their adventures."

Top Contributing Countries in 2014

Category Country
Most content contributed overall: United States
Most photos submitted per member on average:
(when including photos with reviews)
Highest average number of words per review: Singapore
Highest percentage of international reviews:
(reviews for travel outside of member's home country)

Most-Reviewed Cities in 2014

Global United States
1. London, United Kingdom (565,742) 1. New York City, New York (375,905)
2. Rome, Italy (438,118) 2. Las Vegas, Nevada (244,331)
3. Paris, France (414,700) 3. Orlando, Florida (213,340)
4. New York City, New York (375,905) 4. San Francisco, California (106,375)
5. Barcelona, Spain (256,962) 5. Chicago, Illinois (93,978)
6. Las Vegas, Nevada (244,331) 6. New Orleans, Louisiana (81,296)
7. Orlando, Florida (213,340) 7. Washington, D.C. (76,149)
8. Milan, Italy (179,303) 8. San Diego, California (63,445)
9. Florence, Italy (153,235) 9. Los Angeles, California (62,512)
10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (148,543) 10. Miami Beach, Florida (62,096)

Most-Reviewed U.S. Places in 2014

Attraction: Central Park, New York City, New York; 10,492 reviews in 2014

Restaurant: Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, Louisiana; 1,830 reviews in 2014

Accommodation: Bellagio Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada; 3,824 reviews in 2014

Note to Editors:

Data based on traveler contributions made to TripAdvisor from January to September 2014.

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