Infosys CEO: Don't worry about founders' stock sale

Vishal Sikka, chief executive officer of Infosys Ltd.
David Paul Moriis | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Vishal Sikka, chief executive officer of Infosys Ltd.

Investors should not be alarmed by a large stock dump by the founders of Infosys, the company's new CEO says.

Infosys CEO and Managing Director Vishal Sikka told CNBC's "Squawk Alley" on Tuesday that the Indian firm's founders are still invested in its future, but that they sold stock to use for philanthropic purposes. Sikka is the company's first nonfounder CEO.

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"It was long overdue, I think it was part of a portfolio decision. The vast majority of their holdings are still there, and they are still among the largest shareholders of the company," Sikka said of the founders' stock sale. "They're fully committed to the management, to the company—it's all good."

Founders and their family members sold roughly 32.6 million shares, worth about $1.1 billion, according to Reuters. NYSE-traded Infosys stock opened more than 4 percent lower on Monday when the stock sale occurred.

Speaking of the company's future, Sikka said he sees a positive growth environment in India given the country's increasing adoption of digital technologies.

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"There's a great opportunity in digital to bypass, to sort of leapfrog, some of the advances that India has missed out on," he said. "The e-commerce services like Uber, these have a huge opportunity in India because there is a tremendous embrace of the digital. It's a young country, it's a young work force—huge opportunities there."

And while the mobile economy is flourishing, Infosys will also be focusing on enterprise technologies. Sikka said the company will be building artificial intelligence and automation systems to increases workplace productivity.