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This $30M yacht is the Batmobile of the ocean

Source: Gray Design

The Batmobile gets all the attention, but isn't it time that Bruce Wayne brings that sleek and stylish look to the water?

The folks at Gray Design, a team of Swedish car and boat designers, have developed a new concept yacht called the Xhibitionist. The aptly named boat is designed to grab people's attention, and it resembles either a 229-foot floating Lamborghini Veneno or a Batmobile, depending on the angle.

The megayacht is a trimaran design complete with a sundeck pool and massive cabins. Its retractable deck can be fashioned into a helipad or concert stage, depending on your sudden need for, say, a live Elton John concert in the middle of the Mediterranean. It even has a lower-level garage to house your sports cars, off-road vehicles or Batmobile.

Source: Gray Design

The yacht was designed by the company's founder, Eduard Gray, who said it hasn't yet gone into production. But he's in talks with two clients—one in France and one in Russia—to actually make one.

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If he did, it could launch in two to three years. Gray said it would have a starting price of around $30 million.

"This thing has been designed to wantonly, shamelessly, unabashedly and knowingly steal the show," the company says on its website.

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We'll see whether anyone actually buys it.

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