CCTV Script 10/12/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 10, Wednesday.

Have you thought of what to buy your loved ones this Christmas?

In the United States... Apple products seem to be on fewer people's wish list.

The CNBC All-America Survey shows that the percent of Americans planning to give or receive an Apple Product --- despite the new iPhone --- has fallen to 15% from 18%.

That's within the survey's margin of error, but clearly shows litte growth relative to 2013.

Meanwhile, 15% of Americans either currently own or plan to buy "wearable tech" in the next year.

Steve Liesman reports.

Hey guys, with the introduction of new iphone 6 we came back to a question in our CNBC all ameica survey that we've asked a few years ago. What percent of Ameircan give or receive an apple product this year. As you can see, back in 2010, it was 17%. A big number. 18% in 2011. But this year? It's come down. Now this decline from 18 to 15 is within the 3.5% margin of error of the poll, but it best shows that Apple's share of gift giving is not growing this holiday season, and may even be falling. Now why would that be? Maybe because of the introduction of the new products in September, taking the shine off the holiday sales. Who's giving it, who's not? 35% of men 18 to 49 plan to give or receive it. Compare that to women over age 50. If your income's above 75,000, well, you like those Apple products and may even get one. Not if your income's below 30,000. And you can see in the Northeast compared to the South, they like their Apple products in the Northeast. One good news for Apple could come in another question we ask about wearable technology. 9% of the American public already own them, more than 6% plan to buy them. Of course Apple plans to introduce a smart watch somtimes next year. Back to you guys.

I'm Chen Qian, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters

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