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'Coffee-right' hacktivists are angry about Keurig machines

Angry K-cup fans work around Keurig's new design

Coffee-drinking hackers are rebelling against Keurig.

Hackers retaliated against the single-serving coffee machine company Keurig Green Mountain after it said it would make its second-generation machines incompatible with any single-serving coffee pods it hasn't licensed, according to an article in Wired magazine.

The move incensed "coffee-right" activists, who liken the effort to DRM technology that restricts the sharing and copying of digital movies and music. Now, offers an instructional video showing machine owners how they can fit all kinds of unsanctioned coffee brands in their Keurig machines. It's a pretty simple trick that just involves a piece of tape.

The company has already battled antitrust lawsuits over its machines.

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