Jinling Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition in NASDAQ Building

NANJING, China, Dec. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Time Square in New York, known as the "crossroads of the world", witnessed a Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibition on December 8th. Famous Chinese calligraphers such as Sun Xiaoyun, Li Xiao, Liu Hongyou and Ma Zikai respectively wrote "Hello Future" in different Chinese styles of calligraphy (regular script, cursive script, official script, seal script) and ten Jinling painters including Zhuang Daojing, Shang Ke, Zhou Shigang, Nie Weigu, Song Yuming and Guo Xiyuan delivered their best wishes to the world, which is going to be kept playing on the "NO. 1 Screen of the world", the NASDAQ Screen, until the eve of the New Year. On the screen of the "largest stock exchange of the world", NASDAQ, there is an eye-catching line of black-background golden words, reading "Jinling Masters NO.1". Meanwhile, Jiangsu Branch of ICBC, which boasts the world's largest market cap, also China's largest commercial bank, and Bank of Nanjing, as "artist and financial strategic partners" of the exhibition will also get their commercials shown on the screen. With its advantages in communication, finance and art, Dahe Culture & Finance Group has built a platform for art promotion and art transaction. The group utilizes the "hand of market" and the "force of capital" to promote talented Chinese artists around the globe, which has been substantially supported by people from financial and art circles in China. The global kick-off of "Jinling Masters NO.1" and the signing ceremony of Dahe Art and Financial strategic partnership will be held in Jinling Art Museum of Nanjing on December 12th.

The "Hello Future" event was also supported by world-famous calligraphers such as Sun Xiaoyun, Chairwoman of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, Li Xiao, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, Liu Hongyou, President of Japanese School of Nanjing University of the Arts and Honorary Chairman of Chinese Calligraphers in Japan Association, and Ma Zikai. They delivered poetic wishes to the world in a Unique Chinese artistic language.

Dahe Group is looking for artists who lived, studied or worked in Nanjing among the most active painters in China. The seven famous calligraphers and painters vary a lot in their artist styles: Ma Zikai, a calligrapher of ancient zhuan character and a new vision artist, is good at poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal-marking, who forges the tie between traditional elements and modern composition; Zhuang Daojing, a beautiful and fashionable female painter, has great taste for art and integrates artistic features of Chinese, French and Japanese paintings into her works. Being a dreamy beauty who is charming yet not gaudy, she is connoisseur of urban females; Shang Ke, scholar-painter from China National Academy of Painting, is good at both fine and freehand brushworks, shifting freely between reality and imagination, and his works are full of colors and lives and are thought-provoking; Zhou Shigang, heavy-color free-sketch figure painter, is the founder of leisure theme painting featuring beach and golf course, and he uses bold colors to reflect the beautiful life today; Nie Weigu, color-ink free-sketch painter, coordinates colors used in western oil paintings and lines used in Chinese grass scripts and has an eye for cultural legacies and natural beauties; Song Yuming, landscape painter specializing depicting South China and son of painting master of Jinling landscapes, Song Wenzhi, reads abundantly and creates magnificent works; Guo Xiyuan, "original cultural painter", favors paintings with a culture touch, and he is also the protector of traditional cultures and excels in "poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal-marking", which is anything but easy.

These seven Jinling artists are the lucky ones of arts who have won major international art awards many times and they are also innovative practitioners striving to marry Chinese art styles to western ones and philosophers with unique point of view. At the height of their careers, they used 305 works of distinct styles to compose the exhibition-Jinling Masters NO.1.

Generally the styles of their masterpieces can be grouped into two categories: one is about the prowess of traditional Chinese calligraphy featuring perfection of skills; the other is about the combination of Chinese and western painting techniques creating amazing visual effects. All of these masterpieces have several common characteristics: firstly, they are high-value investment. Most works of calligraphers and painters who work in China National Academy of Painting and other national institutions were shown in big oversea exhibitions and are well recognized by the market. Secondly, they are of various topics and themes, which are good for investment, present giving and collection. Thirdly, the sizes of these works are "cost-effective" and "economical" for room decoration. Fourthly, they cover a variety of series, which is tempting to fans to buy. Fifthly, their creators are supported or sponsored by National Art Museum of China, National Museum of China, Louvre Museum in France, and Deutsche Bank and they are collected by Japanese politicians, Nobel laureates, cultural celebrities and famous entrepreneurs, thus having tremendous market appeals.

By gathering funds, Dahe Cultural and Financial Group cultivates new collectors and facilitates mutual supports between art investment and art collection, which is not only in line with the world trend of the art-finance integration but also in line with the national strategy of China to develop cultural industry.

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