Need a digital elf? Try these apps

Holiday shopping lists seem to grow longer with every passing year, but patience and time wear thinner.

Lots of companies, websites and apps claim to offer solutions for the stressed shopper, but which ones are really worth it? As with most things that depends on what kind of shopper you are.

If you're worried about when the best time to buy is, you might want to consult ShopAdvisor, ShopSavvy or TrackIf. These apps track prices of products and let you know when is the best time to buy.

However, if you're the kind of shopper who second-guesses whether you're getting the best deal while you're standing in the checkout line, RedLaser might be the app for you. Use it to scan the bar code and compare prices. It also can help you organize your loyalty cards, so you're not fumbling for your key chain at the cash register.

Of course, loyalty cards aren't the only way to save. If you clip coupons, but can't seem to remember to take them with you to the store, here's a solution. With the SnipSnap app you can scan the coupons instead of clipping, save them in the app and then redeem them in store from the photos on your phone. You can even share your saved coupons with friends and access their coupons as well for your use.

Still shopping for the perfect gift for your fashionista friends? Try Bestie, which allows you to subscribe to others' feeds who have curated collections of their favorite products. Click on the thumbnails of the products you like and buy through the site (or app).

Ebates | Bestie

And after all that shopping and saving you can still reward yourself with Ebates, an app and website that pays cash back when you buy online at participating retailers.