Best Buy apologizes for 'Serial' tweet


Best Buy issued an apology for a tweet it sent out on Thursday, which made light of a real-life killing that happened outside of one of its stores in 1999.

The electronics chain was referencing popular podcast "Serial," which investigates the murder of a 17-year-old named Hae Min Lee. According to Adweek, the high school student was strangled in a Best Buy parking lot in Maryland, after which the killer is said to have made a phone call from a payphone there.

In little over an hour, the chain received hundreds of comments for the post, some of which criticized the brand. Others commented that people were overreacting to the gaffe.

Best Buy removed the tweet from its page and said, "We deeply apologize for our earlier tweet about Serial. It lacked good judgment and doesn't reflect the values of our company. We are sorry."

According to Mashable, the site has become an attraction for the show's fans.