CCTV Script 12/12/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 12, Friday.

She's driven Ferraris, taken Helicopters by Hermes, but you are about to see Susan Li as you've never seen her--

She decided to 'rough it' when she went down to Australia's Blue Mountains, in this month's First Class.

Why settle for virtual, when just 45 minutes by chopper, you could be here.

Michael: "Susan, welcome to the one and only Wolgan Valley."

Susan: "Thank you, Michael."

Let me show you some beautiful parts of Sydney.

But if you want to get closer to nature and see what Australia is famous for, you'll have to get out here to the Blue Mountains.

Now, I'm a city girl. And it's not every day that I'm on the back of a horse.

But every now and again, a girl's gotta get back to nature, right?

So here at the Blue Mountains, it's really a good opportunity to be one with nature.

And when I say one with nature, I really do mean it.

You're never alone out here at the award-winning, one and only, Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa.

It's nestled in the Blue Mountains, 7,000 acre Wollemi National Park.

They're called the Blue Mountains because of all these different types of eucalyptus trees.

And when the sun hits them, they give off this blue favor. Hence, the name, Blue Mountain.

You don't need to go to the outback to find Australia's native animals, because they're also just right here.

At dusk, the valley teams with wild life. Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats, even an Albino Wallaroo. Or was that the fable drop bear.

And over creeks, and through grass lands, out here, I even found the ultimate watering hole.

And even though you're at the hearts of the Australian bush, you won't be asked to give up all your mod cons..

Well, maybe except mobile reception.

I'm Chen Qian, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters


This is Worldport. This is UPS' global sorting facility where half of all express packages pass through each day. Average daily volume? 1.6 million packages. But at this time of the year, peak holiday season, that volume can triple. With nearly 7,000 of these packages being sorted every second. Now, they're moving across 155 miles in conveyor belts, in a facility the size of 90 U.S. football fields. Very impressive numbers. But still, it wasn't enough to prevent the debacle we saw last year when we saw more than a million UPS packages missed their Christmas deadlines. That's why the company has ploughed 675 million dollars in capital and operational expenditures to prevent that situation from occuring this Christmas. Now, taking a look at some of those investments, they include automation upgrades at this and other facilities... details forecasting tools and upgraded apps. More GPS software to optimize driver routes. And here -- room for more customer trailers to increase capacity. And thats on top of more workers, more operating days and more temporary distribution hubs. So how's it working so far? Well, Shipmatrix says the accuracy rate of on-time delivery for both of the parcel carriers UPS and Fedex improved for the week of Cyber Monday versus last year. Now that's really great early indicator that all of these investments are paying off. But keep in mind, UPS expects another last minute surge in online shopping here in the U.S. They're expecting their busiest day of the season to be December 22nd, with 34 million packages moving around its network just that day. And of course, weather can always be a wild card. Nonetheless, when you take a look at the carrier stocks, UPS and Fedex -- they're trading near all time highs and that's because we've seen that steep slide in oil. Like the other transports, lower jet fuel prices, lower diesel prices stand to benefit these companies moving forward. Morgan Brennan from CNBC Business News.

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