Game plan for next week: Hidden opportunities

Oil producers' pain was louder than consumers' pleasure on Friday, and the averages plunged in response.

Jim Cramer understands the dilemma. Consumers benefit from lower oil prices, but then investors get freaked out and start to wonder if companies will go belly up and what the consequences to this could be.

"Now always remember how the big money thinks. To these multi-billion dollar funds, stocks are an asset class, not a bunch of individual companies," the "Mad Money" host added.

That means that the funds that believe that lower oil is bad news will come in and blow out the S&P 500 futures, which will have a ripple effect of low stock prices for all. The winners from lower oil, domestic retailers and restaurants, will get picked out of the rubble along with those who are immune to low oil like healthcare and biotechs.

It's a cycle, over and over again. This is nothing new, folks. Cramer has seen this happen so many times before.

Until the day when actual oil companies go bust, it will be a battle between the positives and negatives of oil.

"Ultimately the big stable oil companies will buy the bankrupt ones and the poorer countries that are overproducing now won't be able to pay their bills—including Russia—so companies will stop drilling. And lower energy prices will stimulate more economic activity, which will boost demand."

That means that this slippery slope of crude will come to an end one day. In the meantime, Cramer has taken his gear out for the battlefield and is sharing what he will have his eyes on next week as the battle continues:

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Oil Futures:
He will be watching these like a hawk, as they will tell the direction of the market. If they're down than it is a good time to scoop up some of the companies that have good earnings on weakness. Such as Honeywell, Verifone and restaurant stocks like Darden.

3M: This company will give its outlook. Considering the good run this stock has run, Cramer recommends listening to what the company has to say
FedEx: "In 'Get Rich Carefully' I describe Fed Ex's conference call as a must listen event for anyone who wants a sense of the world." This is another one that can be snapped up on a pullback.

Joy Global: This one will give a real sense on how bad things have gotten with minerals. Cramer considers this to be a barometer for China.
Oracle: This company reports after the bell, and the "Mad Money" host recommends avoiding the constant hammering on this stock.

Nike: It's Nike Town USA! Though Cramer has described it as a special company, and a "triumph of innovation and loyalty"ultimately this stock is a pass in his opinion, unless it's trading at $95 or less.
Red Hat: Cramer likes the setup and thinks that it could report amazing numbers and the stock could be headed higher

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Blackberry: "When it comes to Blackberry, I still think this is a stock that people don't really own, they just rent it hoping for a takeover. I say no dice."
CarMax: This will give investors a read on autos, and Cramer is betting that car sales will be strong. However, he thinks you should only buy it ahead of the quarter in case it is hit by a broad oil-based decline.
PayChex: Total straight shooters. They will tell investors if there is more hiring happening right now.
Finish Line: This could be a chance to buy if the CEO delivers on his promise to Cramer that he would fix the problems Finish Line has faced.

Ultimately, with all of these opportunities on tap and the drama of oil continuing into next week, this could be an excellent opportunity to jump on, provided that oil will create an asset class wide downturn. Though that creates nothing but headaches, at least there is one booyah for the market left for investors.

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