Sony forced to shut production on some films as hack's effect widens

Participants at a hacking conference.
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Fallout from Sony's hacking is widening, a published report suggested on Saturday, with the movie giant reportedly shutting down production on several films amid an inability to process payments.

The massive breach that has disclosed sensitive information, and exposed a number of embarrassing high-level conversations, has forced Sony to halt production on several films, according to a report in The Times of London. The publication cited an unnamed source saying that the studio has cancelled shoots because the hack has made it unable to process payments.

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North Korean hackers are widely suspected to be the source of the breach, which exposed executive and actors' salaries, production budgets for upcoming movies, and even damaging email exchanges between top Sony executives.

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The studio was forced into damage control after leaks revealed disparaging remarks made about a host of boldfaced names such as Angelina Jolie, Kevin Hart, and even President Barack Obama. A draft script for the latest installment of the James Bond 007 series was also leaked, along with the figure of the movie's budget: $300 million.

A full report can be found at The Times of London's website (subscription required).