Amazon sellers irate after error causes penny sales

A parcel is prepared for shipment at Amazon's warehouse in Hemel Hempstead, England.
Getty Images

After a glitch on's U.K. website that caused thousands of items to sell for as little as one pence, or a little more than a penny, some sellers are furious and have banded together to hire a lawyer to recoup costs, reports City A.M.'s website.

One retailer lost more than $30,000 after an error that stemmed from software from RepricerExpress, which helps businesses manage prices on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon said it had already cancelled the "vast majority" of the orders but said, "we cannot cancel or reimburse orders that have already shipped or been charged to the customer," according to City A.M.

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RepricerExpress CEO Brendan Doherty issued a statement on the company's site saying it will continue to investigate what caused the error.

"I understand that this issue comes at the most important time of the year for our customers and I am deeply sorry by the disruption that has been caused," he wrote. "We have communicated with Amazon to help minimize orders with incorrect prices being shipped and we encourage sellers to contact Amazon for up to date info on this."

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