CCTV Script 15/12/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 15, Monday.

It all started just before 10am Sydney time when a woman saw a man removing a fun out of a bag.

Australian police say they have had no communication with gunmen who have taken several people hostage in a cafe in Sydney's central business district.

Lots of traffic changes in and around Sydney. Roads around Martin Place has been closed down. Access into the city via the Harbor Bridge also restricted. Businesses have been closed, banks have all closed there. CBD branches... we know that a number of offices in and around Martin Place have been evacuated.

A number of offices throughout other parts of the city are also under a self-imposed lockdown -- not letting staff in or out of the building.

Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, calls on Australians to go on with business as normal.

[SOT: COLIN CHAPMAN / President of the New South Wales Chapter of the Australian Institute of International Affairs] "It's true that the city may be operating normally as somebody suggested earlier, but very close, are very key officers including the RBA on a day when Australia is announcing a new mid term economic strategy. And of course the American embassy as well as two major TV studios."

Australian markets come off session lows, tracking a bounce back in oil.

Nymex and Brent both up by more than 1% after sinking to five and a half year lows.

The Australian government did delay its budget release for over an hour today...

The AUD came under pressure on the news... because it's been revealed that the budget deficit for 2014/2015 has been sharply widened to A$40.4 billion from A$29.8 billion seen in May budget..

But speaking of policies... what could this mean for immigration policies in Australia.. and even other countries?

The Australian government has been quite firm in banning Australians from going over to conflict fighting regions.. in Iraq and also in Syria.

[SOT: SCOTT FLOWER / Mackenzie Fellow at University Of Melbourne] "It's a very complex issue that I don't mean to simplify. But it certainly would seem anectdotally at least that the passport confiscation and keeping people in the country is actually an issue that needs to be re-evaluated because it could be radicalizing these individuals further, and they can't go overseas to conduct any operations, so they do them at home. So it needs to be looked at much more closely I think."

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