Blinkbuggy Launches Custom Infographics

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blinkbuggy, the website and mobile app that is reinventing the "baby book," has launched a line of custom infographics. In keeping with their belief in 'going beyond the photo,' these stylish customizable designs capture the important moments that help tell the story of your baby's first year.

Blinkbuggy believes that photos and images are a core part of telling our story but not the only, or even always the most important part. With Blinkbuggy you can write free form entries, record funny quotes, document a milestone, upload scanned artwork, etc. Blinkbuggy is designed to include the context surrounding our precious photos, as well as the stories and moments that live only in our memories.

Designing your infographic is easy. Simply select your favorite design, fill in the information about your baby, send a photo or two and you're done! Your custom infographic can be purchased as a high-resolution digital file and also as a beautiful, high quality 8x10 or 12x12 canvas print. The infographics range from $5-$20 depending on the design (

"We are seeing more and more demand for products with high-end design at an accessible price point. Additionally, consumers today are looking for ways to make their products more personal, custom. I see great potential for Blinkbuggy's new line of custom infographics because it addresses these two important consumer trends in a unique, fun product," said Anjali Kumar, General Counsel at Warby Parker and Blinkbuggy Advisory Board member.

Blinkbuggy has also continued their partnership with Baby Buggy® offering "Give Back" designs. 10% of proceeds from select designs will be donated to the non-profit organization founded by Jessica Seinfeld which is dedicated to providing families in need with essential equipment, products, clothing, and services.

"The original idea for an infographic product line came from a Blinkbuggy user. The best ideas most often come directly from customers and we try our best to listen and respond. I'm particularly proud of this line for being user-generated and providing Blinkbuggy with another way to give back to Baby Buggy®, a cause that we and our customers want to support," said Emma Weisberg, Founder & CEO at Blinkbuggy.


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