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What Cramer is waiting to see in oil

What Cramer's waiting to see in oil

It's becoming a broken record. How the heck can the S&P keep going down when so many things are going right?

Once again, the market fluctuated wildly and ultimately settled down as investors were freaked out at the low price of oil.

Jim Cramer thinks that this just doesn't make sense! To clarify why, he took a deep dive into all the indicators that show the economy is stronger than ever, despite the S&P.

First, PetSmart was acquired for a whopping $8.3 billion, marking the biggest leveraged buyout of the year. BC Partners acquired the company for $83 per share, a 39 percent premium compared to the closing share price just five months ago.

Then there is Apple. If the market is so horrible, then why did Barclays upgrade Cirrus Logic, the sound system company for Apple iPhone? JMP Group also jumped on the Apple train and increased its price target for Skyworks, the chip maker for iPhones. To top it off, a key Apple analyst recently even confirmed that there is an Apple phone shortage for the holidays.

"Three solid pieces about the largest company in the world, but we are supposed to ignore all of that good news and take Apple down because it is part of the S&P, and the S&P goes down when oil goes down? Is that what is supposed to happen?" The "Mad Money" host asked.

He knows who the culprits are causing such a stir in the market. It's the hedge fund trading machines with algorithms that assume it is time to sell, sell, sell when oil is down. Once they finally figure out that the machines are the trouble makers here, then we will finally see a bottom.

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The gas prices are advertised outside the Costco store in Westminster, Colorado, December 2, 2014.
Rick Wilking | Reuters

Cramer has said many times before that in order to get a good read on how the global economy is doing, go to Alcoa.

This company can give investors valuable insight on everything from aerospace, autos, trucks and consumer electronics. They basically cover the land and sea and have the pulse on the oil and gas industry.

With the market becoming increasingly more volatile, Cramer turns to Alcoa to find out its view on the global economy. He sat down with Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld to get his take on how the global economy is affecting the company.

"Who can predict where it's going to go? Who would have ever thought that it would have ever come down like this, and who would predict today that it's not going to go to some of the levels that we saw before? That would be very hard to predict," Kleinfeld said.

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In fact, Cramer thinks this market has become pure lunacy. It would make more sense for the S&P 500 futures to higher when oil goes down, not lower.

"You have to be beyond stupid to wonder how something that puts so much money into peoples' pockets could take so many stocks down with it when it occurs," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cheaper oil is the equivalent of an amazing stimulus package. Imagine if the government sent you a check in the mail for $1,000. Would everyone be in fear of the economy selling stocks then? Probably not. The stock market loved the American Recovery and Reinvestment act of 2009.

At this point, Cramer doesn't see any choice but to deal with the lunacy of the linkage between the S&P and low oil prices. Investors will have to wait until stocks are so low that they are no longer impacted, and then the sanity will return.

David Cote, Chairman & CEO of Honeywell International.
Martin Simon | CNBC

As we head into 2015, the "Mad Money" host knows it's time to consult some of the best and widest reaching companies for their opinion.

That is why Cramer has gone to his long-time fave, Honeywell. This is a diversified industrial company that has its hands in the pot in everything from aerospace components, security systems, specialty materials, refining catalysts that help oil refineries suck out more gasoline from a barrel of crude and even turbochargers to boost car mileage.

Honeywell provided its forecast for 2015 on Monday morning, with in-line guidance and slightly lower than expected revenue guidance. Cramer sat down with chairman and CEO of Honeywell, Dave Cote, to get his take on why he is still so optimistic among the gloomy economy these days.

"It's just funny how convoluted and upside down we can get things sometimes. I've been viewing this as oil prices are coming down, more money in the consumer's pockets around the world... this is a good phenomenon," Cote said.

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2014 brought a surge of IPOs that jumped through the roof on the first day of trading and then fell off a cliff a few months later. However, buried in the rubble of the duds was a high quality company called TriNet.

This company is a human resources outsourcing company that came public in March and surged 19 percent on the first day. The stock has continued to climb and is up 61 percent for the year. Cramer spoke with TriNet CEO Burton Goldfield to find out their perspective on the state of employment in the U.S.

"I am seeing an energy and vibrancy around small businesses in America like never before. So, forget what you read in the papers. Small businesses are curing cancer, cleaning the waters and building great products," Goldfield said.

In the lightning round, Cramer continued to take the pulse of the economy when he gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

American International Group: "That has kept a lid on the stock, there is absolutely no doubt. As long as that lawsuit is out there, people are going to think that there is going to be a big hit to AIG. I do not think that is the case, but there are plenty of people to who disagree with me."

Ambarella: "Everyone is just worried about the GoPro secondary, which they think will bring the stock down, which then translates into the negative numbers for Ambarella. I think you have to keep your pallet dry until we see how much stock is sold on the secondary."

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