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Anonymous layaway 'angel' pays $50,000 for Walmart gifts

Lindsay Deutsch
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Santa came early for customers at a Walmart in Mechanicsburg, Pa., when a man walked into the store and donated $50,000 to pay off all customer layaway accounts.

The Good Samaritan, who paid in cashier's checks, is choosing to remain anonymous and would like to be known only as Santa B.

"We first thought he said $5,000 — but no, he wanted to make a $50,000 donation. We made him repeat it twice," said store manager Steve Myers.

The Gift of Giving
The Gift of Giving

Monday was the last day of pickup for items on layaway at Walmart, so Santa B arrived just in time, the store said.

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Orders that had not been paid for would have been canceled.

"He just wanted to bring Christmas cheer to everyone. He was in and out, kind of like Santa," Myers said.

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Items on layaway included "a lot of electronics and toys, some furniture, most of them gifts." There were several orders that topped $500.

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As one may expect, customers were thrilled — and dumbfounded.

"Some of them were so overwhelmed. One lady had to compose herself," Myers said. "When we started calling customers, they thought it might be a joke."

This is not the first heartwarming "layaway Santa" story of the season. Last week, an anonymous donor in Bellingham, Mass., gave $20,000 to pay off all 150 layaway accounts at a Toys R Us.

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"Many customers said to me, 'I can spend this on necessities,'" Myers said. "It was a happy time."