Anchor Capital Investments Ltd. Makes First India Investment -- Acquiring Up to $5MM of Earth Roam Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi Based Telecom

NEW YORK and SYDNEY, Australia and DELHI, India, Dec. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anchor Capital Investments Ltd. (NSX:ACI) and Earth Roam Pvt. Ltd. yesterday announced Anchor to make initial investment up to USD$5 million acquiring Earth Roam. Anchor to raise investment funds by issuing additional securities within 4 months — price to be determined. Future investments also to be determined.

India, world's largest democracy and 2nd most populace country with over 1.2 billion people — 17.5% of global population — yet only the 10th largest GDP is viewed by many (NPR, Huffington Post, CBS News, others) as the "Land of Opportunity." This investment is inline with Anchor's stated mission of generating wealth through value priced growth companies.

"Entering India with desirable fundamentals of minimized risk yet strong growth potential excites me. This investment signals our view of Earth Roam as a green-light for investment — when consummated it will have greatly increased access to capital and capital markets," said N.A. Mogul, Anchor Capital Investments' President, based in New York.

Competing in 4 sectors and seeking presence in all of India's tier 1 and 2 cities, Earth Roam's strategic edge is innovative R&D — $30 million budget over 36 months. Their largest business targets the 1,000,000+ seafaring telecom users of some of the world's largest most renowned shipping companies.

Mr. Vikas Pandey, Earth Roam's Managing Director, stated, "While sailing I desired affordable international roaming so I launched Earth Roam SIM, the low-cost, most cost-effective, high-quality hassle-free solution for international maritime travelers."

They also cater to the 15 million+ individual travelers from India seeking significant share within 36 months. Additionally, they are finalizing discussions to assist one of India's largest conglomerates deploying policies similar to theirs where they actively educate and develop India's youth.

Kapil Malhotra of Anchor Capital Investments, "This won't be our last India Investment."

Zohra Mogul, a key Anchor investment analyst said, "A good standard for those that follow."

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Anchor Capital Investments Ltd. engages in discovering and investing in value priced growth companies around the world in markets with strong fundamentals. Anchor enhances portfolio company access to capital and capital markets. The Anchor Group operates from Hong Kong with executive presence in New York and Sydney.

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Earth Roam is a Delhi, India based telecommunications company providing convergent telecommunication services through four business lines the largest of which is the telecommunication products and services offered in the shipping sector.

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CONTACT: Anchor Capital Investments Jerry Ziegler or Earth Roam Vikas Pandey, Managing Director vp@earthroam.inSource:Anchor Capital Investments Ltd.