Photo Release -- REACH Air Medical Services Recognizes Contributions of Long-Term Employees

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Dec. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- REACH Air Medical Services would like to acknowledge the dedication and accomplishments of its long-term employees, extending special recognition to those crew members who have achieved a substantial number of patient transports during their tenure. These individuals include:

  • Ken Suzuki, Helicopter Pilot, REACH 1, Santa Rosa – 3,000 flights
  • Terry Gowen, Flight Paramedic, REACH 6, Lakeport – 2,500 flights
  • Cindy Scruggs, Flight Nurse, REACH 6, Lakeport – 2,500 flights
  • Brian Warner, Flight Nurse, REACH 3, Concord – 2,500 flights

The REACH team members above have all achieved a minimum of 2,500 patient transports. L-R: Ken Suzuki, REACH Pilot (3,000 flights); Terry McGowen, REACH Flight Paramedic (2,500 flights); Cindy Scruggs, REACH Flight Nurse (2,500 flights); Brian Warner, REACH Flight Nurse (2,500 flights).

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All have flown with REACH for at least 15 years, with Ken Suzuki nearing his 27th anniversary with the company.

Vicky Spediacci, Vice President of Aviation Operations, has been with REACH since 1994, originally coming in as a line pilot. She has served on more than 1,500 patient transports and has accrued a noteworthy 8,000 flight hours during her overall flying career. "The average number of transports for our pilots is between 100 and 150 a year, so you can see it takes a lot of years to get to 3,000 fights," says Spediacci, adding, "And that's very rare in this industry."

A product of Dr. John L. McDonald's vision for immediate and effective emergency medical care in Sonoma County, REACH began service in 1987 with a single helicopter. Today the company has 21 bases across California, Oregon and Texas supported by a fleet of 17 helicopters, 9 airplanes and 10 ground ambulances.

Sean Russell, President of REACH, and a former flight paramedic who was partnered with each of the above team members in the past, says, "I cannot express how proud I am to be associated with these four amazing people, as well as the crewmembers they represent. It has truly been an honor to carry on Dr. McDonald's vision and values."

At REACH, all flight crew members receive ongoing training, and the company is currently increasing the number of required annual training and flight evaluation sessions for its pilots from two to three. With nearly three decades as a REACH pilot, Ken Suzuki knows more about staying safe and saving lives than most. Spediacci says of Suzuki, "Ken has a very high degree of professionalism. I never have to worry about the flight decisions he makes when it comes to compliance and safety measures. I've known Ken since I started in this industry. As an aviation professional, he's truly a steward."

Vice President of Program Operations Eric Freed has 20 years with REACH. He attributes the company's high retention rate to a few key things, particularly noting that REACH's mission is one its employees readily take to heart: "Always do what is right for the patient." Freed also says REACH is very employee-driven. "At all levels," he states, "we do what's right for the employee. We strive to be a company that practices servant leadership."

As to the high flight numbers, Freed offers, "The numbers themselves are very relevant, but even more important is what they speak to, which is the character of each of these individuals. They are extraordinary clinicians and pilots, and they make sure that everyone is safe at all times—they don't get complacent. The numbers wouldn't exist with that outstanding character."

REACH is grateful to each of these individuals, and to all the members of its dedicated team. As a result of their combined efforts, REACH has completed nearly 100,000 transports, and the good work continues.

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