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The most expensive ... of 2014

This 25 acre, 35,000 square foot Beverly Hills estate entered the market this November at $195M, making it the most expensive listing of 2014.

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The most expensive ... of 2014

No matter how you look at it, 2014 was a record-breaking year for luxury goods. High-end real estate prices continued to soar, while collectibles like art, watches and cars remained a safe haven where the super rich put their money.

Throughout the year, records were set, and sometimes broken, and it seemed like no categoryfrom cupcakes to motorcycles—was immune to higher prices and luxury treatment.

Amid all this, the debate raged on about whether this boom will persist or pop like a bubble.

Click ahead to see some of the items that won the title of the "most expensive" ever sold.

—By CNBC's Amanda Weindel
Posted 16 Dec. 2014

(Pictured here: This 25-acre, 35,000-square-foot Beverly Hills, California, estate won the title of "most expensive real estate listing of 2014" when it entered the market this November at $195 million.)