Stocks to buy on the next tsunami selloff

Yippee! Oil is stable!

Okay, now that the celebration for the rise in crude on Wednesday is out of the way, Jim Cramer would like investors to think about the game plan for the next selloff.

What if crude cracks again?

To answer that question, the "Mad Money" host relies on history and patterns. That is why he thinks the best thing to do is to take a look at what worked during Tuesday's tsunami of selling. He uncovered the five stocks that rallied during a time when the rest of the market was getting hammered.

These are the five stocks with a window of opportunity the next time the market declines:

First is CVS. Some thought that this company was committing business suicide when it stopped selling cigarettes. But it didn't even blink, and now it is at a major advantage to Walgreen and Rite Aid. Yes the stock is expensive, but would be worth it in Cramer's opinion.

Monster Energy drinks
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Monster Energy drinks

Next is Clorox. "I know this $13 billion company isn't shooting the lights out, but when you can get it on a sell program, down more than a point, say, it's proven to be an excellent 'reach for'," he said.

Third is Hain Celestial, and before investors groan because the stock trades so wildly, Cramer reiterated that the natural and organic theme is on fire right now. He thinks the company has a lot going for it. In fact, every time the sellers come in and bombard Hain—that turns out to be a great time to buy it.

Fourth is Monster Beverage. This stock is up 53 percent since Cramer last recommended it in July. Get it while it's still independent, because the "Mad Money" host thinks it will be bought by Coca-Cola, soon.

Last is Kimberly-Clark. This stock is like clockwork in that it adheres to a bottom in almost every selloff. Just like Clorox, it is not a fast grower, but it has good dividend yield and can be a magnet for capital.

"I find these stocks to be irritating, but if you can't beat them, then during the next sell off related to the decline in oil or the stress overseas, just buy them," Cramer said.

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