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Uber invests in biometric screening for drivers

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In response to recent events that put the company in increasingly bad PR light, Uber said Wednesday that it would begin a new series of measures to boost safety at the ride-sharing startup—including biometric and voice screening for drivers.

"Uber's safety team began a global review to assess the areas where greater investment is required. As we look to 2015, we will build new safety programs and intensify others," said Philip Cardenas, Head of Global Safety at the company, in a blog post Wednesday

The company also plans to expand background checks outside the U.S. in places where "infrastructure and complexity of background checks vary significantly," wrote Cardenas.

That issue is spurred by recent allegations that an Uber .

Uber's misdemeanours won't discourage investors

The company also plans to enhance communication between riders, their families, and the company in case of emergency situations, and work with outside groups to better train drivers in matters like conflict resolution.

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