Boston Uber driver faces rape, kidnapping charges

In a seemingly continuous string of rape allegations for ride-sharing company Uber, one of its drivers in Boston faces several charges for allegedly kidnapping and raping a female passenger.

Alejandro Done, 46, reportedly picked up the client on Dec. 6 and told her that he was driving her to an ATM because she needed to pay by cash, the Boston Globe reports. When she returned to the car, Done allegedly drove to a secluded area and went into the back seat area where he allegedly trapped and sexually assaulted her. Done's identity was verified by police using Uber's driving records and by the female passenger, Boston Globe said.

Is Uber on its last leg?

An Uber spokesman confirmed with Boston Globe that Done had passed a background check before working for the company. This is the fourth time a customer in the Boston area has reported inappropriate sexual conduct by ride-share drivers, Boston Globe said, with at least two of the cases involving Uber.

Last week, Uber services were banned in New Delhi, India, following a case where an Uber driver was accused of raping a young passenger. It later emerged that the suspect had previous sexual offense charges, including rape, but Uber did not find these charges because the company did not perform background checks on drivers in India.

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