Lightning Round: This goes higher, thanks to oil

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Starbucks: "Let's wait for a's been a little doggy here. Wait for a pullback and then buy, buy, buy."

KBR Inc.: "I know that the infrastructure business is challenged by the fact that oil and gas has come down so much. The stock is very cheap but I do prefer FLR more."

Macy's: "I like Macy's...But here's the problem with Macy's; it has had a big run, as many of the retailers did, but I still think it can go higher because gasoline keeps coming down and that is key."

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Transocean: "It's down so low that I think it will be okay, it will bounce. But I don't like it because I'm seeing the number of ships that are coming on and I know that day rates are plummeting and I know that the balance sheet is a little challenged. My charitable trust owns ESV, and it's been a total disaster, but but it is better than RIG."

HSBC Holdings: "I know it's got that 4 percent yield, but I would rather be in JP Morgan. If you want a big international bank, you want to be in JP Morgan.

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