Man finds replacement 'girlfriend' for global trip

Airplane wing over Manhattan
Buena Vista Images | Digital Vision | Getty Images

For the past month, Toronto-native Jordan Axani has been searching for a woman named Elizabeth Gallagher who happens to have a Canadian passport and won't mind traveling around the world with a stranger.

In March, Axani booked two plane tickets—one for him and another for his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher—to go on a 3-week journey through Milan, Vienna, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and Delhi, according to Consumerist. But when the two broke up, Axani took to Reddit to search for a travel buddy replacement.

A month's search and thousands of emails (including 18 from Elizabeth Gallaghers with Canadian passports) led Axani to Elizabeth "Quinn" Gallagher, a recent graduate of St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

But the trip isn't likely to spark any new found love between the two—Gallagher already has a serious boyfriend and they'll be staying in separate hotel rooms throughout the trip.

Their journey begins on Sunday.

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