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One of the most exciting stocks Cramer's ever seen

Cramer: One of the most exciting stocks I've seen
Cramer: One of the most exciting stocks I've seen

Jim Cramer has been in the stock market long enough to recognize the good signals for a rally when he sees one, including some of the most exciting stocks he has ever seen. What are the ingredients for a rally? Just look around, they're all in the stock market right now!

The most important ingredient is growth without inflation. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen confirmed at the most recent Fed meeting that the U.S. has that exact combination currently.

"That's always been the holy grail of every single rally I have ever seen since I started investing in 1979," the "Mad Money" host said.

Other important ingredients include a reduction of Fed resistance, keeping politicians off the front page of the newspaper, a reduction in geopolitical worries and stabilization of oil.

The last perfect ingredient, are quiet foreign markets. Europe is up, China has been okay lately. Emerging markets are quiet. Let's breathe.

So it looks like for the moment, the perfect recipe is working. The market has become seasonably strong, and Cramer is seeing the perfect recipe for a Santa Claus rally. Ho ho ho!

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Additionally, Cramer finds the topic of interest rates to be an important one. There is just too much hand-wringing about what she will do. Will she raise them? Will she follow Jim Cramer's advice and sell those huge bonds from her inventory?

Frankly, there are just too many significant repercussions of raising interest rates right now. The emerging markets are watching her every move. If the Fed raises rates, Cramer thinks money will come pouring out of those markets into ours.

Additionally, this would be terrible timing for Europe. Central banker Mario Draghi is doing everything in his power to jumpstart the European economy right now, including taking on tons of debt. A rise in rates would raise the value of the dollar, and cause a huge amount of instability for a continent that is already unstable.

Then there is an entirely different group that bothers Cramer most. The Fed haters and their never-ending complaints about Yellen.

These haters tend to be people who are so rich and are afraid their purchasing power will be reduced, and want more safe income to satisfy themselves. Or they are investors who are short bonds and stocks and are betting against the Fed.

"Oh, and shut up, and disclose your real positions including your shorts and your underinvested status. Then, at least, you can be taken at face value unlike now where I just see you as selfish promoting ministers of your own portfolio," he added.

Please Yellen. Save Cramer from taking down the wrath of the Fed haters, and don't raise rates.

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Cramer has always said that he loves biotech stocks. It doesn't matter if oil is up or down, this sector can rally even when the rest of the market is down.

That is why Cramer is always looking for the next big biotech stock, so that investors can have massive multi-year gains. And boy, does he have a hot one up his sleeve; Isis Pharmaceuticals.

Isis has an amazing pipeline, especially its drug FXI that was created as an antithrombotic to prevent blood clots.

The reason why this drug is revolutionary is because most drugs that prevent blood clots have some serious side effects. One of these is an increased risk of bleeding. So if you were to go in for surgery and you took an anticoagulant, you run a risk of bleeding out during surgery, which is a scary proposition for the surgeon and patient.

"The issue is important to me because my dad, who passed away last month, had a stroke a couple of years ago, and when they did his ablation surgery they have him Coumadin which would have caused him to bleed to death pretty rapidly if he'd been alone," Cramer said.

That is why FXI is a big deal. It has the ability to prevent blood clots while causing much less bleeding. There is no other drug on the market currently that can address both of these issues.

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Another stock in the world of biotech that isn't affected by the fears of Russia, Brazil, Mexico or oil; is Quintiles. Cramer describes it as an arms dealer to the entire pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on late stage clinical trials.

The company delivered strong results for the quarter, with a one cent earnings beat off of a 64 cent basis and in line revenue up 13.8 percent for the year. If anything, Cramer sees the biggest problem on their hands that they have more business than they can possibly handle! #highqualitystockproblem

The "Mad Money" host spoke with Quintiles CEO Tim Pike to find out what their key to success has been.

"If you think about a drug, the real key is that it should fail fast if it is not safe or not efficacious but we should really move fast if it is safe and it does work well. So what we want to do is increase that probability of success of our customers developing commercialized drugs effectively," Pike said.

Cramer also went off the tape to get a read on the bright future of Hampton Creek Foods. This company is right in the epicenter of the healthy food movement, and provides plant based egg free alternatives to things like mayonnaise and cookie dough.

Hampton Creek products line the shelves of stores like Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco and Wal-Mart in over 15,000 locations in the U.S.

On Thursday the company announced it has raised $90 million in series C financing that they plan on investing in research and development to expand in Western Europe and Asia.

To find out more about what could be in Hampton's future, Cramer sat down with the company's CEO and founder Josh Tetrick. One of the featured products of the interview was a cookie dough head replica of Jim Cramer's head, made with the edible cookie dough sold by Hampton.

"We really tried to put together something that was healthier and was more affordable and we put it together…That is really what Hampton Creek is about, that is our philosophy," Tetrick said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to spot the most exciting stocks when he gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Starbucks: "Let's wait for a's been a little doggy here. Wait for a pullback and then buy, buy, buy."

Macy's: "I like Macy's...But here's the problem with Macy's; it has had a big run, as many of the retailers did, but I still think it can go higher because gasoline keeps coming down and that is key."

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