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Why raising rates is a bad idea right now

Cramer: Listen up short-selling 'moralists'

Please Janet Yellen, don't raise rates. There is just too much hand-wringing about what she will do. Will she raise them? Will she follow Jim Cramer's advice and sell those huge bonds from her inventory?

Frankly, there are just too many significant repercussions of raising interest rates right now.

The emerging markets are watching her every move. If the Fed raises rates, Cramer thinks money will come pouring out of those markets into ours.

"I am no fan of emerging market funds, bonds or stocks. The emerging market bond people are simply reaching for yield, which I taught from day one at Goldman Sachs thirty years ago, is a terrible idea," the "Mad Money" host said.

Investors simply shouldn't want to have risk in fixed income. They should aim for safety for their money.

Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman Janet Yellen speaks during a news conference December 17, 2014 at the headquarters of Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, DC.
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Additionally, this would be terrible timing for Europe. Central banker Mario Draghi is doing everything in his power to jumpstart the European economy right now, including taking on tons of debt. A rise in rates would raise the value of the dollar, and cause a huge amount of instability for a continent that is already unstable.

Onshore in the U.S., the economy is doing well but is still far from sustainable growth. While the price of gasoline is low, business formation is not strong. Plus, let's not forget that the Affordable Care Act is going into full effect in 2015. It could hinder new job growth if this turns out to be a road block for small businesses.

Then there is an entirely different group that bothers Cramer most. The Fed haters and their never-ending complaints about Yellen.

These haters tend to be people who are so rich and are afraid their purchasing power will be reduced, and want more safe income to satisfy themselves. Or they are investors who are short bonds and stocks and are betting against the Fed.

This group is only looking out for their own portfolio, and is forever knocking the Fed; fail to realize how much money they could have made if they just held actual long positions in bonds and stocks. They're not being stewards of America's finances. They're only interested in their own finances.

Cramer is revolted by this group of people.

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"Oh, and shut up, and disclose your real positions including your shorts and your underinvested status. Then, at least, you can be taken at face value unlike now where I just see you as selfish promoting ministers of your own portfolio," he added.

Please Yellen. Save Cramer from taking down the wrath of the Fed haters, and don't raise rates.

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