Adapt IP Ventures to Sell Accurate Solar Power's Micro Inverter Patent Portfolio

RALEIGH, N.C. and MENLO PARK, Calif., Dec. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adapt IP Ventures was engaged by Accurate Solar Power LLC ( to sell its power inverter patent portfolio, specifically related to Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking (DMPPT) technology.

Operationally, the patented DMPPT system provides panel level control for startup, operation, monitoring, and shutdown, and further provides flexible design and operation for strings of multiple panels. The enhanced inverters used within the DMPPT system are controllable either locally or remotely, wherein system status is readily determined, and operation of one or more sections of the system are readily controlled. The system ultimately provides increased operation time and increased power production and efficiency, over a wide range of operating conditions. To date, Accurate Solar Power has implemented its patented solution in its own 85,000 sq. ft. Menlo Park facility.

With Accurate Solar Power's single patent family having over 90 forward patent citations, product companies and the USPTO alike recognize the technical importance of this portfolio. Ampt, Enphase Energy, Enecsys, General Electric, Siemens, SolarEdge, and Tigo Energy represent the companies with the most forward citations to this portfolio.

Adapt IP Vice President, Brian Bochicco, highlights the value of the Accurate Solar Power patent family commenting, "After initial reviews of the patent literature, Accurate Solar Power appears to be the first to describe and claim the underlying concept of DMPPT. They've also built a good IP fortress around this inverter technology having multiple assets across North American, European, and Asian markets."

Specifically, Accurate Solar Power's patents available for acquisition include 3 issued US patents, 1 pending US application, 1 issued Chinese patent, and 1 pending European application. These patent numbers encompass US7772716, US8035249, US8427009, US2013/0229731, CN101953051, and EP2130286. Accurate Solar Power's CEO, Ron Newdoll, has also indicated that his company would be willing to sell the patented technology (i.e. prototype, schematics, software, and other technical know-how), if desired.

With several prospective buyers having expressed interest in this portfolio, Adapt IP Ventures will plan on marketing this offering through the end of January. Companies interested in receiving more information on this patent portfolio are encouraged to contact Adapt IP Ventures.

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