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Experts name the season's retail winners, losers

Winning holiday stock picks

The holiday season is reaching its peak, leading last-minute shoppers to scour the malls and stores for presents.

It also offers an opportunity for retail experts to examine the season's winners and losers.

Lizabeth Dunn, founder and chief executive of Talmage Advisors, a New York City-based brand strategy company, said in an interview with CNBC the season's winners are Macy's, L Brands and Tiffany.

Dunn said she picked Tiffany as one of her winners because of how well the company is doing within its category. "You don't see much traffic there because it's a high-end store," she said.

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Holiday retail winners and losers

She also added both of L Brands' stores, Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works, were doing very well.

Joseph Feldman, senior managing director of Telsey Advisory Group, a New York City-based management consulting firm, concurred with Dunn by also naming Macy's as one of his season's winners because of how well it's doing in the apparel and jewelry categories.

Feldman also named Swedish retailer H&M and electronics retailer Best Buy as winners in an interview with CNBC.

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Dunn added that consumers shopping on Saturday, or during "Super Saturday," won out because of the amazing deals they found. "Saturday was the busiest day of the season," she said.

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The biggest losers this season were low-end shopping malls, said Dunn. "There doesn't seem to be much shopping going on at the low-end malls I went to," said Dunn. "This weekend the lower-end consumer showed up, but it's definitely not going to be as merry a Christmas for that lower-end consumer. "

Other losers included specialty apparel retailers, said Feldman. "The side that has not been great is that specialty apparel retailer, like those teen retailers in the mall," he said. "That's where you've seen a bit of pressure."

—CNBC's Uptin Saiidi contributed to this article.