Politician: Russian women should use beetroot lipstick

Who needs expensive imported lipstick when you have beetroot?
Kevin Summers | Getty Images
Who needs expensive imported lipstick when you have beetroot?

These days, Russian politicians aren't just concerned about sanctions, Ukraine and the ruble, one the world's worst performing currencies. They're also keeping an eye on where Russian women buy their lingerie and lipstick.

Women should do without imported lipstick and use beetroot as a replacement, because "men like a natural look," wrote Siberia Senator Igor Chernishev on a Russian website, according to the Daily Mail. He added that the beetroot alternative may be better since it's a natural ingredient without harmful chemicals.

Chernishev also encouraged women to buy Russian-made lingerie instead of pricey ones imported from France. "Our women will look better in lingerie made in Moscow," he wrote, the Daily Mail said.

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Russians seem to be clamping down on leisure spending, Daily Mail said, especially as several tourist destinations in France, Austria and Germany report a slide in demand from visiting Russian tourists.

The Senator wrote the message following President Barack Obama's comment that President Vladimir Putin may be in a 'huge economic contraction' because of the Ukraine crisis.

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