The hottest investing sector right now

Want to know how to kill a stock price quickly? Look no further than price competition, even within today's hottest sectors, such as dental and semiconductor stocks.

As soon as you start to see competition, Jim Cramer recommends putting on your running shoes and hightailing it away from the stock.

For instance, take Cramer's long-standing biotech fave Gilead. It had a monopoly on the Hepatitis C market, with a high price tag of $80,000 a year. This brought in billions of dollars in sales, at the patient's expense.

That monopoly fizzled quickly when the FDA approved AbbVie's Hepatitis C drug, which will be sold at a much lower price than Gilead's. That's why Gilead's stock dropped more than 14 percent Monday.

"I say take profits or wait on the sidelines until you're sure that the Gilead/AbbVie fight for market share is an anomaly, and not the new normal."

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Don't brush off dental supply stocks. They are actually hottest performing group in the market right now!

Yes, this boring industry is red hot, and Cramer is teaching investors how to play them.

Think about it—dental supply stocks are not going to get hit by the Russian ruble or Brazil's issues with its national oil company. As long as the U.S. is doing well, dental does well.

Now that the economy is in good shape, consumers have more money in their pockets to spend on dental procedures. Dental care is a $116 billion market that is growing at 3 percent annually.

So, while some companies in the dental space could use some bridge work to be mint again, Cramer loves what he's seeing. Especially with his favorites, Henry Schein and Patterson.

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The hot dental industry isn't alone; the semiconductor space has also undergone a radical transformation of late. Cramer knows that most investors associate semiconductors with being cyclical stocks with high peaks and low valleys. But things have changed recently, and the peaks and valleys are less extreme.

This change could lead to some major consolidation within the group. The big chipmakers are rolling in cash right now but don't have much organic growth opportunity. This could spark lucrative acquisitions of the smaller players with weak balance sheets.

"I think the logic of this consolidation is so powerful that within a few years, there will be hardly be any small semiconductor companies left. That may sound crazy, but to me it makes sense," the "Mad Money" host said.

The players? Cramer's bet is on Cypress Semiconductor's merger with Spansion on Dec. 1, and he thinks investors should jump all over the next deal.

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Oil prices are fueling more than just dental and semiconductor sectors. It's also boosting the U.S. and European economies. Looks like the OPEC Grinch isn't going to steal Christmas this year with its pricing power on oil.

But maybe the Grinch didn't have the power over the price of oil that we originally believed?

Cramer speaks to a lot of executives during the day, and he keeps expecting one of them to mention the negative ramifications of low oil prices. However, that hasn't happened yet.

"Instead I keep hearing echoes of Dave Cote's remarks that oil has been kept artificially high for way too long, and that you are now seeing the real price of the commodity," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cote, CEO of Honeywell, pointed out that it is completely realistic to think that oil would decline simply due to excess of supply and reduced demand. The large quantity of oil that the U.S. is producing would eventually make it a marginal producer, especially due to the lack of an outlet for all of the oil. This means the U.S. would not need to import foreign oil any longer.

"You take that market away, you take away China because of long-term contracts from Russia to keep currency reserve on high, and you get a real price," Cramer added.

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With all this extra money floating around in investors pockets from low oil prices, what better place to put it than into fantasy football!

Hot Roster is a company that Cramer has been watching off the tape. This privately held company has created a brilliant app that takes popular football players and puts them in head-to-head match ups for people to bet on. Though technically it is a skill-based game, not online gambling, customers have the chance to win prizes and cash if they pick the two best players of the game.

To find out more, Cramer sat down with Hot Roster CEO Chuck Goldman.

"The app that we built is not only for the hardcore fantasy guy, because there are 10 million out there who have probably lost and want something else, but what we are really centered on is the casual gamer. The hundred million, the candy crushers that love their smart phones, love sports and love winning money," Goldman said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to give his take on the hottest stocks for a few caller favorites:

HCA Holdings: "I think HCA goes higher. I know there's going to be a lot of stocks in this lightning round that are already at their 52-week high and that is going to be one of them. But I really like it."

Integrys Energy: "You did well, but I think you should hold it because I think interest rates for the 10-year are going to go to 2. That's why that stock is so strong. Do not get rid of that stock."

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