CCTV Script 24/12/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 24, Wednesday.


From Alibaba's blockbuster US listing, key CEO changes to stocks scaling to new heights... it has been a big year for the technology sector. Our colleagues in the US colleagues give us their grades for tech this year.

[Jon Fortt/ Tech Stocks: A] "I think if you're a tech investor, got to give 2014 an A. Think about it, had the biggest IPO ever in Alibaba, Apple stock had a big rebound, Msft picked an internal CEO but still saw its stock its stock soar and getting people believing that it can still get things turned around. BB is in the midst of a pivot towards the enterprise, don't know if that will work or not, but investors seemed optimistic so I think overall, hope springs eternal, profits are still springing from some old tech companies and even on the IPO front, there's a lot of new blood in tech land. Overall I give it an A."

[Josh Lipton/ Apple: A] "It's hard to see why Apple doesn't deserve an A, certainly investors think so. Stock surged higher, easily besting S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq. New products including new iPhones and iPads, also new services like Apple Pay. Apple watch. 1 disappointment, iPad sales didn't meet street expectations... enterprise space."

[Julia Boorstin/ Twitter: C+] "Twitter gets a C+, the stock is down about 45% this year reflecting the fact that its user growth is slowing and mgmt upheaval is sparking major questions about the company's leadership but to its credit, Twitter has taken ken steps to diversify away from its ad business by trying to become the backbone of other mobile apps."

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