Go Telecare Announces Continued Acquisition of Franchisees for Its "Virtual House Call" Telemedicine Platform

NEW YORK, Dec. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Go Telecare, a leading provider of comprehensive telemedicine and medical billing services in the U.S., announces today that two new franchisees have begun to offer its "Virtual House Call" telemedicine platform and medical billing services in the states of Virginia and Idaho.

Go Telecare virtualizes doctor visits by facilitating secure HIPAA-complaint video consultations, combined with a comprehensive practice management platform and low cost medical billing service that increases patient access to medical services via telemedicine while reducing office billing costs for medical practices, healthcare facilities and healthcare services organizations.

"It has long been known that the healthcare system in the US has reached such complexity that the the 'brick & mortar' doctor appointment experience for healthcare providers and their patients at skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare organizations can and should be brought online, which will help to enhance access while helping to manage operational cost," said Jason Steele, chief development officer of Go Telecare. "We are thrilled to welcome franchisees in Virginia and Idaho to our family, and are pleased that they are ready to bring these advances in technology and operations to their regions."

Client services for telemedicine and low cost medical billing that will be offered through franchisees address the needs of a broad range of physicians practices as well as healthcare organizations such as, but not limited to, nursing home & rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, hospitals, managed long term care, home health agencies, durable medical equipment companies, MLTCs, Medicare HMOs, and pharmacy benefits management organizations.

"Telemedicine has incredible growth potential and the business opportunity for medical billing alone has tremendous upside. And Go Telecare's staff has shown its dedication to helping make my business here successful with its support systems," said Richard Police, who owns the new franchise in Virginia. "Go Telecare's back office functionality is managed by the corporate office, so I can concentrate on customers who are ready to adapt to new technology in an evolving industry."

"The Go Telecare platform is perfect for rural areas where medical care may require a significant commitment of time in order to gain access to providers," said Kris Armstrong, the franchisee in Idaho. "I see Go Telecare's platform becoming the norm for provider encounters, because in the long run, it will save consumers, businesses and insurance companies a considerable amount of time and money, while boosting healthy lifestyles."

The company has franchising activities that will take place in 50 states, now including New York, with others being added in the near future.

Key benefits for franchisees include:

  • ZERO operational headache! You acquire the client, we take care of everything else- you simply collect on-going residual income! Excellent existing client references to help franchisees acquire new customers
  • Low initial franchise price compared to other franchise types
  • Franchisee office is company headquarters, with hours determined by franchisee
  • Ongoing, residual income from recurring patient consultations and billing services
  • Unmatched training, marketing materials & sales support provided by Go Telecare
  • Sales prospect lead identification and virtual assistant support to help book sales meetings

About Go Telecare

Headquartered in New York, Go Telecare is a pioneer in providing medical billing solutions and telemedicine consultations to healthcare organizations. The goal of Go Telecare, Inc. is to revolutionize US healthcare by providing a comprehensive practice management solution using state-of-the-art technologies and processes to improve patient access, satisfaction and outcomes to improve quality of care and reduce cost. Go Telecare provides equal-access to confidential diagnosis and treatment by expert medical specialists & allied professionals, for everyone, even in rural or medically underserved communities.

After wonderful success from their corporate location, Go Telecare wished to expand this success beyond their local market. The Go Telecare team chose franchising as the perfect next step for this accomplished and unique business. With all of the extensive educational materials, principles and practices of their founding experiences, Go Telecare will become the number-one choice for telemedicine patient needs, and medical billing for practices and facilities across the US.

For more information, go to www.Franchise.Go Telecare.com

CONTACT: Media Inquiries: Alex Marz franchising@gotelecare.comSource: Go Telecare