Stocks managers will be buying based on groovy GDP

Normally Jim Cramer doesn't care about big government statistics. But he had his socks blown off when the gross domestic product gain came out Tuesday morning. 5 percent! Wowzer.

The high GDP helped to define the market on Tuesday as the Dow reached new heights, finishing above 18,000 for the first time.

"When you get this kind of gross domestic product activity, it's just too big to ignore," said the "Mad Money" host.

So, in response, Cramer wants to teach investors how to think like a money manager.

A sales assistant helps customers in the shoe department of Macy’s in New York, Nov. 27, 2014.
Andrew Kelly | Reuters
A sales assistant helps customers in the shoe department of Macy’s in New York, Nov. 27, 2014.

The perfect stock for the moment? Kimberly-Clark. This stock received numerous benefits from a big GDP number. GDP growth means that wealthy people will spend more money on better brand-name products. Thus, Cramer suspects that investors are trading up from cheaper private labels to brand name goods like Kleenex and Huggies.

Kimberly-Clark also wins with low interest rates. The stock is a bond-market equivalent and sports a 2.85 percent yield, which is much better than what the 10-year treasury is yielding.

But the most attractive quality to Cramer right now is the low oil prices. Things like disposable diapers require the use of oil based products. However, Kimberly has not cut its prices as the price of oil has dropped. It is still charging the same price—and racking up stronger gross margins. All good news for the stock.

In the retail world, Cramer also recommends circling back to winners like Costco, Restoration Hardware and Walgreen.

"When you have 5 percent GDP growth, that means you're going to have a return to non-residential construction, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning. That means Honeywell for thermostats and the lagging United Technologies for elevators," Cramer added.

In the world of travel, stocks like Disney, Marriott and Wyndham will all be good stocking stuffers. Just as Boeing, American Airlines and Spirit are also Cramer airline faves.

But, what about the stocks that don't work right now? How about healthcare? Currently there is a rotation into companies that do better when the economy does better. That is not the healthcare sector right now.

"We don't have a lot of money coming in, so these stocks act as sources of funds. Meaning money managers are selling these stocks to raise money, giving them fuel for the buying of heavier industrials and the big energy users," Cramer explained.

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With this whopper of GDP activity, it is just too big for fund managers to ignore. That is why Cramer is exposing their game plan—to prepare for the new market rotation.

"It's your call, but at least you know what the call is when you get a gangbusters number that we haven't seen in ages, one that's typically a harbinger of both higher interest rates and good times to come."

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