Morgan Drexen Reminds Those Receiving Harassing Debt Collector Calls That Options Are Available

COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Calling a recent NBC News story about abusive debt collection tactics against senior citizens as despicable behavior, Morgan Drexen, a leading provider of software and support services to businesses nationwide, ( today reminded Americans that they do have affordable legal alternatives to make debt collection calls stop.

"Harassing debt collection phone calls are absolutely unacceptable behavior," said Morgan Drexen CEO Walter Ledda. "Debt Collectors have devised 'boiler room' tactics where hundreds of debt collection representatives take specialized pressure tactics – some of which may actually be illegal – and use them to harass our senior citizen community into making choices that are financially devastating."

Morgan Drexen executives and staff first learned about the NBC News story (available here at when the story came out over the past weekend, and were happy that the news organization chose to tackle such terrible treatment of senior citizens.

"Morgan Drexen's business is providing software and support services to law firms across the nation, which in turn lowers the cost of a law firm's service," said Morgan Drexen Vice President of Media, Joe Lizura. "Lower legal costs put help within the reach of disadvantaged Americans, including senior citizens, who would not otherwise be able to afford a lawyer to stop the harassing calls."

Morgan Drexen executives are using the news story as a sounding board to let people suffering from financial hardship know that there are ways to put an immediate stop to harassing third-party debt collector phone calls, and it can be done quickly when the proper attorney is selected.

Morgan Drexen executives are also concerned about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) cited in the NBC story, because of recent legal actions taken to prevent Morgan Drexen from providing the support services to the attorneys which ultimately assist the people the CFPB are supposed to be empowered by Congress to help.

"Making legal services affordable to everyone is the by-product of what happens when Morgan Drexen provides support services and software services to attorneys," said Morgan Drexen legal council, Jeffrey Katz. "If lower income Americans are going to have access to legal advocates equal to the large banks and creditors, our legal environment must create and adopt efficient processes. The software and paraprofessionals harnessed by Morgan Drexen and integrated into small, consumer-advocate law firms is a serious answer to the serious problem the legal professions must ethically confront."

"The most important thing a senior citizen, or any American for that matter, can do is to seek out affordable legal advice when faced with a harassing debt collector," added Ledda. "We are happy that our support services to law firms can put the cost of that legal service within everyone's reach."

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