Traders try SoulCycle: Stephanie vs. Josh

SoulCycle co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice joined the Halftime Report team today to celebrate the launch of their newest studio AND to put some of our traders to the test.

SoulCycle was founded in 2006 with just one studio in Manhattan's Upper West Side when the founders saw a need for a fitness class that was also fun and decided to take action. The company has now grown to 36 locations spanning coast to coast and an average of 10,000 riders every day. The company plans to continue growing to about 55 studios in 2015 and is starting to look at international expansion in 2016.

The founders are on a mission to bring riders a fully immersive experience. The spin classes are held in candle lit studios combining inspirational coaching with high-energy music to inspire riders to push their aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels and burn fat during the 45-minute sessions. The company also offers a full retail line to customers with products ranging from T-shirts and riding pants to bags and hats. SoulCycle truly is an immersive lifestyle brand.