Singapore picks: best places to work

Written by Aza Wee Sile
People sit along the promenade during lunch break at Raffles Place in Singapore.
Roslan Rahman | AFP | Getty Images

When it comes to work, Singaporeans are thinking global, tipping the heavyweight multinational companies (MNCs) as their top picks, and they're not just thinking about money, a poll found.

Company reputation is the most important factor in getting Singaporeans - across all position levels - interested when they're selecting a company to work for, according to a September poll conducted by

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And hands down, the company they most want to work for is search engine giant Google. Coming second is Shell, the multinational oil and gas company. Homegrown Singapore Airlines took third place, followed by Exxon Mobil and Keppel Corp.

The top companies weren't just chosen for the sizeable salaries they offer, although it is a practical consideration in the expensive city-state.

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After reputation, the other factors, in ranking order, are benefits and incentives, salary, learning/training and development and career prospects and growth.

"First and foremost, everyone wants to associate themselves with a company they can be proud of," a Singapore Airlines employee told CNBC. "A reputable company is also a great stepping stone."

And perhaps Singaporeans can afford to be a picky about where they work: official statistics show the overall unemployment rate is at 1.9% and many companies are struggling with a labor shortage.