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Apps for the workplace 2015

Apps to assist you at work

Smartphones, smartwatches and other devices are designed to make things more convenient for our daily lives but choosing which apps to use may seem daunting. Donald Brady, principal of Deloitte Digital, has chosen two apps to help employees get work done faster and more efficiently.

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Brady recommends ShiftExpert from ClickSoftware. The app, for wearable devices, lets employees clock in and out of shifts and add data to time sheets. Employees are able to trade shifts, manage vacations and view overtime, all from a smartwatch.

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Brady also likes Evernote.

The existing Evernote app has rivals, in particular, from Google Keep and Springpad. All three apps allow employees to create and save notes on the go, but Evernote has gone the extra mile and has been customized for wearables.

The Evernote app can be downloaded on smartwatches and smartglasses (including Google Glass) to keep employees organized on the move.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security, the new Google Apps, SpeechTrans and Microsoft Office Suite are also on Brady's hot list.