The 4 most explosive words you can say in America today

Apparently the most explosive four words a person can say in America today are: "You should get married."

To be clear, I was not trying to convince people who don't want to get married to change their minds in my column earlier this week ("Hey, don't blame porn for low marriage rates!," Dec. 23, 2014) dispelling the ridiculous notion that widespread free pornography was lowering marriage rates.

What I am trying to do, however, is debunk some of the equally ridiculous economic excuses for not getting married that we constantly hear from some economists, lots of politicians, and apparently even more commitment-phobic men.

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Speaking of those men, it seems like hundreds of them decided to pile into the comments section of my piece. Many of them made impassioned arguments like this "guest" reader, who said:

"What man in his right mind would get married when there is a 50% chance he will lose at least 50% of his money, his house, vehicles, children and be paying alimony and child support for the rest of his life?"


OK, all kidding aside, I realize there are many financial risks people take with marriage. But that's true with any relationship you pursue in life. Heck, even living alone all your life will cost you money and involves risks. I mean, are you sure you're going to have those cashmere socks you just bought for Christmas for the rest of your life?

A lot of our male readers were convinced that the financial deck is stacked against men not only in divorce, but throughout the marriage.

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That's why this comment from "SmartChick 2" was one of my favorites:

"I've never met a man who makes more money than I do. Y'all men act like you're the breadwinners by default and 'can't' get married as a result. You just might be the liability! Fathom that."

With more women in our universities these days than men, that scenario may become a lot more common in the coming decades.

But once again, we saw the debt excuse being thrown out there for ruining the younger generation's chances for wedded bliss.

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"iirunner" represented that sentiment best when he wrote:

"Ask anyone in their 20-30s, the biggest reason in gradual marriage decline is that no one wants to marry a person with non-dischargeable student debt."

Well if someone's financial balance sheet were the only thing a person considers when dating and courting, you might have a point. But it isn't.

And I have to say this again: If the guy you're dating says the reason he can't marry you is because of his or your student loans, he's just not that into you.

Commentary by Jake Novak, supervising producer of "Street Signs." Follow him on Twitter @jakejakeny.