CCTV Script 29/12/14

This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 29, Monday.

From Apple to Alibaba, CNBC's Eunice Yoon takes a look at the growing impact of the Chinese consumer.

Few other days can symbolize the growing love for shopping in China more than Singles Day.

The November 11th holiday is the biggest online shopping event in the world - promoted by Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

[Jack Ma, Founder, Alibaba] "We make this day. It is not an online purely sales day. It is a day that the manufacturer, the business guys communicate with the consumers."

Businesses from all over the world are hoping to connect with the Chinese consumer.

As the country's leaders look to shift the economy to rely more on spenders for future growth - companies are eager to cash in.

Apple is one of them.

With fanfare and phones, CEO Tim Cook and the chairman of the world's biggest cellphone carrier, China Mobile, visited this Beijing store - to celebrate a long awaited partnership.

The deal between the two tech titans means Apple can sell more of its iconic iPhones to China Mobile's 760 million subscribers - twice the size of the population of the United States.

[Tim Cook, CEO of Apple] "China is a very important market for Apple. It will be the world's largest market that is completely clear. It is already the second largest market for Apple."

With so many potential customers here - competition is fierce -- not only from other multinational brands but local upstarts.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has cultivated a similar culture to Apple though its phones are only a fraction of the cost.

[Hugo Barra, VP International Strategy, Xiaomi] "We think that there is a really special combination of high specification, high performance devices that are sold at really aggressive prices make the most sense in these markets."

Traditionally the Chinese are big savers but as young people here get richer, Alibaba's Ma expects those habits to change...

[Jack Ma / Founder, Alibaba] "Five years ago, eight years ago, people do not buy-- spend a lot of money on... They probably spent 200 rmb every month. Now they spend 2000 rmb every month. So ten times bigger."

And that big spending means a bigger role for China's consumers in the global economy.

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