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Walter White, as portrayed by ... Jane Seymour

'Dr. Quinn' meets 'Breaking Bad'
'Dr. Quinn' meets 'Breaking Bad'

Jane Seymour, by all appearances, is a beautiful, sweet woman with a good heart, in many ways like her most famous character, Dr. Quinn.

She seems about as non-threatening as "Breaking Bad" teacher Walter White appears in the beginning of that classic AMC series.

Like White, however, Seymour has a dark side. I mean, Dr. Quinn does. At least on the website "Funny or Die."

In this still from video, actress Jane Seymour appears as “Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman” in a parody of her 1990s TV series character.
Funny or Die

In a hilarious spoof on the Will Ferrell comedy site, the original cast of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" reunites for "Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman," complete with a cameo of Breaking Bad's "Skinny Pete."

Seymour explains in this video clip how the plotline with Ferrell's writing team came to be. "On Dr. Quinn, every time we were filming, the only thing I had to offer (patients) was morphine," Seymour said, along with cocaine or whiskey. After a while, naturally, the entire town "is addicts and alcoholics."

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The 60-something actress said it's important for her to appeal to audiences of all ages, and that was one reason she jumped at the chance to do the "Funny or Die" spoof. Meantime, in addition to still acting, she continues to run a merchandising empire that includes everything from jewelry to furniture. "I've always designed," she said.

Seymour started her first company when she was a teenager in the U.K., taking see-through blouses which weren't selling as "women were supposed to burn their bras," then hand embroidering them to provide some modesty. She sold them back to stores for three times what she thought they were worth.

"They said, 'Fine,' " she said. An entrepreneur was born.

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When the actress moved to Hollywood, she began buying houses and renovating them, adding her own style to decorating. "I sold four or five houses completely furnished, so I knew people liked my taste," she said.

Her only business mistake? "Marrying my business manager," she laughed, a man she later divorced. "I am really good at ideas, I can make things, I can sell them," Seymour said. However, "You're looking at someone who has yet to pass basic math."

Decades later, Seymour licenses her name to a variety of products, but insists nearly all of them come from her own designs, including the popular Open Heart necklace.

"I work every single day on something," she said. "I don't just say, 'Here, you can buy my name for 'X' amount, and bye bye.' " She says it's her nature to be hands-on in every venture, even when it's dressing up in an old television costume she can still fit into, mocking herself and paying homage to "Breaking Bad," by demanding townspeople "Say my name."

—By CNBC's Jane Wells.