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Hangover cures come with their own doctors and IVs

New Year's Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year for champagne sales.

New Year's Day is one of the biggest days of the year for hangover cures.

Noho hangover cure.
Source: NOHO

Trying to erase the bad aftereffects of a late night has moved beyond hot coffee, or "hair of the dog that bit you." Hangover cures like Noho are sold in BevMo near the champagne aisle. Noho CEO Jay Grdina, who made his fortune in the adult film industry, said revenue topped $700,000 through the first nine months of the year, a 150 percent jump.

"We launched in Hong Kong and in August this year," he said. Grdina expects the fourth quarter to be the strongest of the year, as people started stocking up at Thanksgiving.

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However, the fastest-growing part of the anti-hangover biz is perhaps the most dramatic solution of all (short of not drinking): IV buses. Needles.

Two doctors in Greenwich, Connecticut, have started HungoverMD, which will make house calls Thursday "to hook up patients to IVs in an effort to rehydrate, effectively eliminating the fatigue, nausea and headaches that come with too many cocktails," reports The cost is $199.

To treat a Las Vegas-level hangover, the only real cure is an IV.
Dr. Jason Burke
founder, Hangover Heaven

The New York Post reports that a "new limo bus run by the Hangover Club" will be parked outside a club in Manhattan "and nurses donning black scrubs will check people in from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m." They will have enough IV bags to treat more than 200 people.

Those newcomers are following in the footsteps of Dr. Jason Burke, an anesthesiologist who created Hangover Heaven in Las Vegas after recognizing that the effects of waking up from surgery weren't that much different from a hangover. The company claims it has treated more than 20,000 customers.

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"We have grown 50 percent year over year," Burke said. "To treat a Las Vegas-level hangover, the only real cure is an IV."

Hangover Heaven expects to treat at least 150 people Wednesday and Thursday, and 50 appointments have already been booked. The company will deploy a 45-foot-long bus and an ambulance. "We also treat clients in their hotel rooms, which has become very popular," Burke said.

Best bubbly for your buck
Best bubbly for your buck

Hangover Heaven offers several treatments. At the low end is "Redemption" for $99, consisting of a liter of IV fluid and a "proprietary blend of IV vitamins and antioxidants."

However, Burke said the most popular treatment is called "Rapture." In addition to the same IV fluids the other treatments offer, Rapture customers also get a B-12 shot and 30 minutes of oxygen. "It is our most expensive package at $239," said Burke, "but when people are in Las Vegas, money does not seem to be much of an object."

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You don't need to spend $239 to make it all better for the first day of 2015. Burke suggests revelers prepare for Thursday night by taking a multivitamin before partying, eating a good meal and drinking "high-end clear alcohol," which he said doesn't carry the same punch the morning after as darker, cheaper alcohol.

"It is much easier to prevent a hangover than to deal with it after the fact," he said.