The start-up that acts like an office manager

Managed by Q
Source: Managed by Q

In a landscape full of start-ups, one company is making its mark by capitalizing off other start-ups.

Managed by Q is a technology-enabled "smart" office service allowing employees to schedule cleanings, maintenance and even address needs around IT. Their 150 clients include some larger businesses like KickStarter, VaynerMedia, Uber and Bitly.

Founders Saman Rahmanian and Dan Teran launched the company in April, and it has grown 80 clients on their wait list. They've received $2.45 million in funding, with the latest round in November led by Homebrew, RRE Ventures and Haywire VC.

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"No company is in business just to run an office space, yet most companies give headcount toward people running the physical space—the products, services and technology," said Teran.

So is Managed by Q aiming to replace the office manager? Not exactly.

Teran said that prior to his company's services, most of his clients' office mangers were often tasked with other more important duties like human resources or social media, working on office management on the side.

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The average client spends around $1,500 per month, with the average business having about 30 to 50 people.

Adam Plotkin, a partner at ff Venture Capital sees the business model as part of a larger trend across many industries. "Companies are increasingly using software and technology to match individual resources with labor on an on-demand basis," he told CNBC.

Plotkin said the company could potentially leverage the data it collects for other opportunities by suggesting preferred vendors and discounted channels.

Currently, Managed by Q is only operating in New York City, but is hoping to launch in a as-yet-to-be-determined market in the first half of 2015.

Ultimately, rather than secure individual accounts one office a time, the founders hope their future lies in partnerships with entire building owners to embed their services within a tenant's lease.