Expect good year for Apple, but not big watch sales: Pro

Year of Apple wearables: Pro

Expect Apple to have a good year thanks to its iPhone business, but don't expect its new watch to rake in a lot of money, one pro told CNBC on Friday.

While the Apple Watch is a "big product," it's not going to be a big revenue stream, Max Wolff, chief economist at Manhattan Venture Partners, said in an interview with "Closing Bell."

"They'll have a good year, it's a good investment but the watch is not going to drive anything other than some gravitas, some bragging rights and a big push back on this sort of unfortunate belief ... that Apple has lost some of its mojo when it comes to innovation and disruption," he said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing the Apple Watch.
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His comments come on the heels of a blog post by prominent venture capitalist Fred Wilson, a partner at Union Square Ventures, that said the Apple Watch will not be a "home run" for Apple.

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Wolff views the Apple Watch as proof that the tech giant can roll out a new platform and try to cross-purpose the app network and operating system as well as drive loyalty to its core business: the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus.

But when it comes to actual sales, he anticipates Apple will sell less than 10 million watches.

However, while the company may not sell a lot of wearable tech, it will sell at least 185 million to 200 million iPhones, Wolff predicted.

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He also thinks it's important for Apple to leverage its acquisition of subscription music service Beats, which it bought last year for $3 billion.

Streaming is the future of music, and the ability to listen to music offline is a game changer, Wolff said.

"We see that as a market Apple needs to get into and they have the captive audience. They can push it out through iOS, which is a huge platform for them with a growing market share," he said.