Diet Doc's Sugar Cravers Diet Plans Help Patients End Their Sugar Addiction Without Side Effects

NEWARK, N.J., Jan. 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc research suggests that by triggering the brain's pleasure center in the same manner as heroin, cocaine and nicotine, sugar triggers dopamine, the feel good chemical, to be released causing an almost euphoric feeling in many people. And, much like drug addictions, those who eliminate sugar from their diet may also experience withdrawal symptoms making breaking a sugar addiction very difficult.

Many diets promise to end sugar cravings and deliver weight loss, however, choosing the right diet can be challenging. Because sugar fuels every cell in the brain, the brain perceives sugar as a reward. Consuming a lot of sugar reinforces the reward, making it more difficult to end sugar cravings.

Deciphering food labels can be a challenging task. Many believe they are eliminating sugar from their diet when, in fact, sugar is being disguised. Food labels that list agave nectar, brown rice syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, cane juice, glucose and lactose are simply sugar by another name. For this reason, Diet Doc created their Sugar Cravers Diet Plans that help patients break their sugar addiction without scanning every food label.

While many sugar addicts crave candy, many others crave starchy, complex carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, chips and fries. These too are sugar. And while sugar itself does not directly cause diabetes, it does cause weight gain and excess weight makes it difficult for the pancreas to produce adequate insulin to control sugar in the bloodstream increasing the risk for insulin resistance and diabetes.

Those who find themselves with a carbohydrate and sugar addiction face a very challenging struggle with weight loss. Fortunately, Diet Doc has created their specialized Sugar Cravers diet plans that focus on helping people lose weight without sugar withdrawal symptoms.

By utilizing their prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills and appetite suppressants combined with their Sugar Cravers diet plans that are tailored to be specific to each patient's personal needs, patients are reporting fast weight loss without sugar cravings or withdrawal symptoms. These hormone treatments signal the brain to target and attack stored fat, flushing it quickly from the system while also working to control the appetite and end sugar cravings.

Diet Doc urges those who are struggling to end their sugar addiction to call today to learn more about the company's exclusive Sugar Cravers Diet and to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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