This electric sports car is just for kids

Broon super cars for your kids.
Source: Broon
Broon super cars for your kids.

Henes' new child-sized electric "supercar" will make you wish you were a kid again.

The company refers to their product, the Broon F8, as "the ultimate toy of wonders". This sophisticated vehicle has the design of a high-class sports car, but the functionality of a remote controlled pedal car.

With a leather bucket seat, four-point harness, coil spring suspension, and a voiced visual guidance system the F8 leaves your old Power Wheels ride-on in the dust.

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The Broon F8 can reach a top speed of 10 mph; double that of traditional battery-operated toy cars. The fully electric vehicle even has a 7-inch Android tablet that serves as a dashboard and control panel for your youngster.

A Bluetooth-based remote control allows both child and parent to control the toy without even sitting behind the wheel. There is even a feature that warns the user when the car is leaving the range of the controller and, if the connection is lost, the vehicle will automatically stop.

The third generation Broon will you cost between $895 and $1,000, according to, depending on the option package. It is meant for children aged five and younger.