Full Speed Ahead: SYSTEMSEVEN Rolls Out Gigabit Wireless Internet to Central Texas

SYSTEMSEVEN Announces New Gigabit Wireless Internet With Voice Services for Businesses in the Austin, TX Area

SYSTEMSEVEN Upgrades Their Operational Software to H2O, a Leading Billing and Back-Office Solution

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SYSTEMSEVEN, a Texas-based provider of voice, Internet and cloud service, announced today a new offering of laser-quick Wireless Internet with voice services to the Austin, Texas area. Businesses in Austin and the surrounding areas can now take advantage of wireless gigabit Internet, which is considered to many, an economic development tool. In addition, SYSTEMSEVEN is offering BYOB (bring-your-own-bandwidth), Hosted PBX voice services, and low-cost Wireless Point to Point services, as well as a suite of Managed WiFi and Managed Firewall services.

In preparation for the rollout, SYSTEMSEVEN also upgraded their operational software to H2O, a leading billing and back-office solution.

"H2O has been a critical part of our Gigabit expansion into Austin as it is the central system for our provisioning, billing and ticketing," says Keith Gard, CEO of SYSTEMSEVEN. "We became the fastest growing telecommunication company in South Texas by treating customers as more than an account number. H2O is pivotal to our ability to provide 'Amazing Customer Experiences' and 'Internet Awesomeness' to the Austin area."

Visit www.SYSTEMSEVEN.net or call 855-902-9100 to find out more about SYSTEMSEVEN's unique set of core values and their service offerings.


An independent telecommunications company started in Corpus Christi in 2001, SYSTEMSEVEN strategically set out to stand apart from the industry titans who placed more value on the bottom line than they did on customers and employees. With a reputation for attentive and unparalleled customer care, coupled with first-rate communication services, SYSTEMSEVEN has become the fastest growing telecommunications company in South Texas and is now expanding to Central Texas. SYSTEMSEVEN believes in their motto: Be More Than An Account Number. For more information, visit: http://www.systemseven.net/

ABOUT H2O Overgroup

H2O is a next-generation billing and back-office solution that enables service providers to acquire, manage, analyze and grow their customers. H2O helps service providers grow beyond their legacy systems by consolidating customer data across multiple systems, facilitating faster time-to-market and improving operational accuracy and efficiencies. Features include ordering, provisioning, high-velocity rating, usage tracking, real-time reports, automated processes, ticketing, customer relationship management tools, and full-service billing. For more info, visit www.overgroup.com or call 866-470-5502.

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