Reterro Begins Inaugural Project in Texas

PLEASANTON, Calif., Jan. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reterro, Inc., an emerging green remediation leader in eliminating hydrocarbon contamination from soil and ongoing waste streams, announced today that it is beginning a hydro-carbon soil remediation project at two former compressor stations in Texas. The project marks Reterro's inaugural remediation in the Central U.S. Oil & Gas Corridor.

A major oil services company selected Reterro to remove hydro-carbon contamination from the ground of the two sites, which it co-owns with one of the world's largest oil companies. Project managers estimate that the two sites will be cleaned in about two months using The Reterro Principle™, the green remediation leader's highly effective and guaranteed on-site treatment technology.

Initiation of work at the site follows Reterro's announcement earlier this year of a dedicated practice in the United States to address the expanding requirements of the oil- and gas-industry in the Texas-Oklahoma energy corridor.

In May, Reterro formed an integrated team of engineers, project managers and customer representatives specifically to serve the Texas-Oklahoma area. The central-U.S. corridor contains thousands of oil and gas sites related to exploration, refining, transportation and other infrastructure that serves as the backbone of the energy industry.

Reterro executives report that numerous additional Oil & Gas companies in the region represent escalating demand for the company's patented and cost-effective remediation solution.

The Oil & Gas practice was modeled on Reterro's inaugural practice for the western United States. From its Silicon Valley corporate headquarters, Reterro is managing several green remediation projects on the West Coast.

Like a number of Reterro's projects, the Texas initiative is tasked with remediating a site affected by solvents and other hydro-carbon contaminants. Reterro guarantees the removal target for all of its projects to customer-stipulated or government agency-mandated levels. Reterro typically provides the only practically deployable solution that meets public health and safety requirements in such projects.

The Reterro Principle™, the company's proprietary methodology, is typified by a small on-site footprint and flameless process that provides immediate certainty in safe waste-stream and soil remediation. The Reterro Principle™ also dispenses with the need for trucking of contaminated soil from the original site across multiple jurisdictions. Given numerous ongoing legislative changes in many states in the U.S., Reterro offers a uniquely applicable and cost-effective on-site treatment whose results typically exceed even the most stringent sustainability targets.

Reterro Chief Executive Officer Ferdinand Seemann noted that The Reterro Principle™ is the most suitable solution for both effective and fast site clean up, as well as remediation and recovery of ongoing oil exploration waste streams.

"Thousands of locations mandated for clean-up in the United States are sites that only Reterro can reach," Mr. Seemann said. "We are extremely pleased to bring The Reterro Principle™ to the important Texas-Oklahoma energy corridor. The Reterro Principle™ cleans the soil on-site within a few hours and quickly, safely and cost-effectively meets the designated compliance standards."

About Reterro

Reterro, Inc., provides the foremost compliant and curative green remediation solution for tens of thousands of locations worldwide that are government-mandated to clean ongoing hydrocarbon waste streams and undergo soil remediation for existing hydrocarbon contaminated waste. Uniquely effective in urban, populated and space-constrained environments in which health and safety restrictions prohibit any other competing technologies, Reterro is unrivaled in mobility, cost-effectiveness and speed-to-completion, with a record of 100% certainty of efficacy.

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