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Samsung aims to bring Tizen OS to the masses

4K TV: The latest best picture ever
4K TV: The latest best picture ever

Samsung unveiled its 2015 lineup of SUHD 4K TVs at the Consumer Electronic Conference on Monday, highlighting its new quantum dot technology, which it says will deliver "unrivaled viewing experience."

The TVs will be powered by Tizen OS as the company looks to reinvent the software and push it to the masses.

Samsung, the worlds largest TV provider, said it holds 60 percent share of the ultra high definition (UHD) market. It expects sees demand expanding four times over the next two years.

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The South Korean tech giant said SUHD technology will provide "elevated brightness up to 2.5 times brighter than conventional TVs and twice the color adjustment points for the most accurate color display," according to the product release.

The company also announced multi-room speaker system, produced by it's new Audio Lab and updated music app.

Samsung also introduced Milk VR, a daily updated virtual content channels, and expanded Milk music and video beyond Galaxy devices.

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